Did you read about Glenn Beck's bizarre art, China's film market, and frozen bodies?



Is it art? Is it crazy? Is it both?
  • Is it art? Is it crazy? Is it both?
Reader staffers share stories that fascinate, amuse, or inspire us.

Hey, did you read:

• About Glenn Beck's Andres Serrano-esque art . . . thing? Sam Worley

• How the frozen bodies of climbers who didn't make it up Mount Everest are used as grisly landmarks? Julia Thiel

• How an obit got onto the front page of the Sun-Times—and other adventures of Michael Ferro? Tony Adler

n+1's hilarious survey of the American magazine industry? (It's called "The Intellectual Situation," but don't let that turn you off.) Sam Worley

• Neal Pollack's take on Philip Roth's retirement? Julia Thiel

• That it's likely China will be the world's biggest film market by 2020? Ben Sachs

• This oral history of comically self-important, possibly moronic indie-rock band Interpol? (Sample passage: "The first time they stepped in, I don't think they were all wearing suits, but Paul was wearing a suit. They were really fucking deadly serious.") Tal Rosenberg

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