Did you read about Sandy Hook responses, David Carr on Brian Lam, and Jim DeRogatis on Chief Keef?



Chief Keef: Back in the news, DeRo edition
  • Chief Keef: Back in the news, DeRo edition
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Hey, did you read:

Mother Jones on what the stats say about armed citizens and mass shootings? Tony Adler

• That there are no simple preventives to massacres like Friday's? Steve Bogira

• The best reporting on guns in America? Jerome Ludwig

• David Carr's media column in the NYT this week, which is a profile of Brian Lam, former editor of Gizmodo and current editor of Wirecutter? (In the piece, Carr illustrates, via Lam, how you can run an Internet magazine, turn a profit, and still have a life.) Tal Rosenberg

• Glenn Greenwald's attack on Zero Dark Thirty as "CIA hagiography"? Ben Sachs

• Jim DeRogatis "wrestling" with the moral dilemma of Chief Keef's music. (TROLL ALERT! TROLL ALERT!) Tal Rosenberg

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