The city's first hangover clinic and other food news bites


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Must rehydrate
Crain's reports a surgeon is opening Chicago's first hangover treatment clinic.

Matchbox owners David Gervercer and Jackie Fields are decamping for Mexico. Luckily, longtime barkeep Colleen Bush will hold down the fort, says DNAinfo.

Chicagoist interviews Gene Kato of the forthcoming Sumi Robata Bar on the history and ins and outs of Japanese robata grilling.

The Chicago Food Snob reads the entrails for the year in food 2013, and makes his predictions, including the establishment of the 32nd Mexican state, Bayxaca, in River North.

More food news after the jump:

From Belly to Bacon does it again, with a corn-bread-stuffed suckling pig.

A Kane County couple is marketing pizza-flavored beer, reports the Sun-Times.

Check out this wonderful documentary short by Carlos Martinez about one of the city's hundreds of hard-working tamaleras:

| təˈmälē | from Carlos Martinez on Vimeo.

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