12 O'Clock Track: DJ Znobia, "Pata Pata Pata"



Amidst all of the list making and complaining about list making that occupies music critics at the end of every year, a couple of collections were passed around that proved 2012 still had some potential left to blow open our minds. One was the unauthorized triple-album-length collection of rarities by the singer Cassie, assembled by fans with the intention of proving her place in the emerging avant-R&B scene alongside artists like the Weeknd, who have so far attracted more critical attention. The other was a collection of the year's best SoundCloud accounts according to Brooklyn DJ/producer "Chief" Boima Tucker. So far the most compelling artist I've checked out on Tucker's recommendation is DJ Znobia, who he calls "a Lee 'Scratch' Perry-esque experimenter, innovator, and genius" of the Angolan kuduro scene. After the jump you can sample Znobia's latest SoundCloud release, "Pata Pata Pata," which he uploaded earlier today.

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