House of Games, The Red Shoes, and other Reader-recommended movies to watch online this week



House of Games
  • House of Games
Each Friday, we recommend seven Old Movies to Watch Now, all of which come recommended by one of our critics and can currently be screened online. Read the review, watch the movie, feel accomplished.

American Movie, Chris Smith's documentary about aspiring filmmaker Mark Borchardt.

Our Daily Bread, King Vidor's depression-era drama.

The Red Shoes, the Powell and Pressburger classic.

Rio Bravo, Howard Hawks's "finest western," according to Dave Kehr.

House of Games, David Mamet's debut feature.

Yojimbo, Akira Kurosawa's samurai staple.

Vincent and Theo, Robert Altman's docudrama about the brothers Van Gogh.

For even more selections, check out OMTWN, your go-to spot for streaming recommendations. Happy watching!

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