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Cocktail Challenge: okra

Vie bartender Mike Page pays tribute to Slimer


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Challenged with okra by Johnny Costello Jr. of GT Fish & Oyster, Vie bartender Mike Page adapted one of the techniques the restaurant and its chef, Paul Virant, are known for, pickling the vegetable to make a shrub, a vinegar-based syrup used since colonial times to preserve produce. The resulting cocktail is named after Ghostbusters, the 80s movie that brought us not just the Ectomobile but Ecto Cooler, a green Hi-C fruit punch named for the Ghostbusters' mascot, Slimer.

Who's Next:

Page has challenged Ronnie Higgins of Bangers & Lace and Bar DeVille with canned tuna: "Sorry Charlie!! Lol."

(Recipe below slideshow.)

Slideshows Vie's Mike Page makes the Ecto Shrub

By Kate Schmidt

Challenged with okra, Vie bartender Mike Page pickles it, then uses it as the base of a green cocktail named for the Ghostbusters' mascot, Slimer.

The Ecto Shrub

2 oz Knickerbocker gin
1 oz Combier Pamplemousse grapefruit liqueur
2 oz pureed okra aigre-doux*
10 sprigs mint
Dash of Fee Brothers mint bitters

Muddle mint in the bottom of a shaker. Add gin, Combier Pamplemousse, the pureed okra aigre-doux, and mint bitters. Add ice, cap, and shake. Strain into an ice-filled collins glass and garnish with mint and a half slice of lemon.

*Pickled Okra Aigre-Doux

½ c sugar
¼ c lemon juice
1½ c water
1½ c lemon-infused white balsamic vinegar
Bring to a boil and pour into a quart-size canning jar over sliced and peeled okra packed with quartered lemons.

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