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Punk's not dead at Reggie's Rock Club



Hardcore legends T.S.O.L., along with Shot Baker, Counterpunch, and the Neutron Bombs, packed Reggie's Rock Club last Saturday. The all-ages show proved to be a punk rock equalizer, between longtime fans and kids who hadn't yet been born when T.S.O.L. first took the stage 30 years ago. Ever-charming vocalist Jack Grisham got some laughs with banter about the trials and tribulations of punk rock fatherhood; he also apologized for previously being, well, a fuckup. Nothing says love quite like sharing bodily excretions in a high-energy mosh pit—this one was a rowdy elixir of adrenaline, sweat, and a few drops of blood. Check out the slideshow to see how it all went down.

Slideshows T.S.O.L., Shot Baker, Counterpunch, and Neutron Bombs at Reggie's Rock Club

By Andrea Bauer

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