Until the Light Takes Us

93 minutes 2013

Norway's "black metal" music scene must be the least imaginative youth subculture ever, but its morbid self-seriousness led key participants to commit two murders and burn a slew of historic churches. This amateurish doc tries to relate the crimes to the rockers' "political" beliefs, but codirectors Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites are more fans than filmmakers: unconscionably, they downplay a homophobic thrill-killing perpetrated by revered record store clerk "Faust" and dignify the knuckle-headed ideology behind the arsons (Odin good! McDonald's bad!). This is worth seeing, though, for its snapshot of countercultural delusion and the comedy of Varg "Count Grishnackh" Vikernes, pompous crypto-Nazi and incarcerated murderer, whining that the media have distorted his subtle social critique. In English and subtitled Norwegian.

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