The only likely third party is--its own evil twin | Bleader

The only likely third party is--its own evil twin


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Ross Douthat of the Atlantic, blogging at a recent thinkfest at Aspen, reports on a common theme of the discussion there:

"[T]he American people are tired of the two parties' squabbling, and want a candidate who takes the best ideas from both sides and governs from the center."

Well, good luck with that. These are "people who think that taking the best ideas from both parties means mixing social liberalism with foreign-policy internationalism, quasi-open borders with deficit reduction, environmentalism with free trade."

To whom Douthat points out the obvious--obvious once he points it out, anyway:

"Third party runs, from George Wallace to Ross Perot, usually bubble up from what [Michael] Lind calls the 'radical center'--which is to say, the people who think that the Democrats' best idea is economic protectionism, and the Republicans' best ideas are sealing the border and kicking ass overseas (but only where our interests are threatened)."