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I can't believe it's news



  • Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars--from Wired, but the malfunction was not in the automated compacted parking system but in the recalcitrant wetware that was running the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, and the firm Robotic Parking.

  • Alibi Travel (Los Angeles Times via Marginal Revolution)--"Persey Tours was barely keeping the bill collectors at bay before it started offering fake vacations last year. Now it's selling 15 a month—providing ersatz ticket stubs, hotel receipts, photos with clients' images superimposed on famous landmarks, a few souvenirs for living room shelves."

  • What to Text in Iraq (New York Times via 3 Quarks Daily)--"The cool kids in Iraq all want an Apache, the cellphone they’ve named after an American military helicopter. . . . One of the most popular messages making the rounds appears onscreen with the image of a skeleton. 'Your call cannot be completed,' it says, 'because the subscriber has been bombed or kidnapped.'"

  • Speed Dating in the Bookstore (The Book Standard via Blog of a Bookslut)--Jessa Crispin: "We settled into our chairs, held the cards we were supposed to fill out, and looked with dismay at the crowd. 'Have you seen The 40 Year-Old Virgin?' Joanne asked me. 'What if that speed-dating scene was actually a documentary?'"