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Five surprises


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  • Boeing's new plane emits no CO2, only water. Of course, it's a two-seater that maxes out at 70 MPH.  Treehugger picks up on a Sunday Times report. Scientific American has more.


  • There's fantasy everything--even Texas high-school football and dog shows, reports Mental Floss.

  • Baby math. "Babies ranging from six to nine months old looked at incorrect solutions 1.1 seconds longer than correct ones." Check it out at Seed magazine.


  • Bitch. Ph.D. offers parent hacks: "3yo can be a pest, especially if she knows there is a big trip coming. Mrs. Nym bought a cheap calendar, and we're x-ing off the days. 3yo can count them down. We also draw little icons for events we're planning, which gives her a sense of what will be happening. Net result: much less pestilence. On that subject." More here.

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