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Linkin' & Lookin'


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  • Admit it, you always wanted a plush spirochete. Check out more adorable vectors of misery at GIANTmicrobes.  (Hat tip to Mental Floss, where one commenter admits to having given his wife the Ebola virus for Christmas.)


  • One tiny step into reality for Barbie and her mutt Tanner: "You can even 'feed' Tanner dog biscuits! After the pup goes potty, just clean up with a special trash can and magnetic scooper." No word on how Barbie copes when the magical poop-attracting scooper goes bye-bye, but I have a good idea what you'll say when you step on it barefoot in the dark. (Hat tip to Feminist Law Professors.)


  • "Helping Christians Who've Been Injured": So goes a phone-book ad for the Colorado Springs law firm of McCormick & Murphy, P.C. For some reason, this seems to rub some folks the wrong way. But wouldn't these guys be especially good in cases of, say, "wrongful death"? (Hat tip to Above the Law.)





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