The stoner dads, the velour blazers, the giant beers. | Bleader

The stoner dads, the velour blazers, the giant beers.


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Ever since I wrote about Tom Petty in the Treatment last week, people have been coming up to me and bashfully admitting how seriously his music rocks them, like there's something wrong with that. Not to overlook the sarcasm and subtlety of the song I'm referencing, but the dude really is the king: last night's show at Charter One Pavilion was a monster. Petty was up there for two solid hours, playing almost nothing but hits--unflashy renditions of songs spanning his whole career, with the occasional veer into extended jams or blues just to show that the band can pull it off. Plus, dude is 56 and he can still pull off a Bedazzled velvet blazer with coordinated hippie scarf--a feat I envy almost as much as I do his talent. My date and I left two songs into Petty's encore, and instead of hitting the encore exodus you usually encounter at big shows like that, we walked into a parking lot almost entirely devoid of people. Two hours into it his fans were still begging for more.

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