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Meg & Dia & My Disappointment


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Given how much I love horrible emo bands and overproduced girl rock--I guess I like cliched songwriting or something--you'd figure that Meg & Dia would be my favorite band ever. The sad truth is that they actually suck pretty bad. The guitars are adequately crunchy, the loud-soft-loud parts do what they're supposed to, and you can really tell that they are people with serious feelings. But they're stuck in a sludgy lower-mid-tempo rut, and though the guitars work hard to affect power-chord transcendence they can't make up for Dia's limited vocal melodies. Not that they're a total waste. I just found their video for "Monster," and there's lots to learn from it. Here's what it taught me:

  • Lighting is important. Do not light your work or living space with lamps that just turn off and on all the time. That is no good and it will make you sad/angry.
  • Meg & Dia and their band hate that piano.
  • Feelings: they are hella fucked up.
  • No one should ever do whatever twitch dancing thing it is that Dia does.

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