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I can't believe it's science



  • The blister beetles' variant of the badger game. In the southwest, baby blister beetles assemble on a blade of grass and emit smells that simulate those of a female bee. When assaulted by an unwitting male bee, they hitch a ride on him. When he finally blunders into an actual female [your joke here], they jump off onto her, ride back to her nest, eat her offspring and its food, grow up, live long, and prosper. Technical description here. (Hat tip to Coturnix.)

  • Outsource your internal organs? It's been done. A Mediterranean worm has bacteria that eat and excrete on its behalf. Says one researcher, "In exchange for housing, the microbes take care of energy production and handling the waste." Technical description here. (Hat tip to Science Blog.)  [This inevitably reminds me of an old Dave Barry column in which he abused the Donald but then added in mitigation that he hadn't meant to imply that Donald Trump picked his nose. "That's what he has a staff for," he wrote.]