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World of Malecraft


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Amananta of Screaming Into the Void spends a lot of time on World of Warcraft, along with about seven million other players. In some ways this world seems remarkably familiar:

  • "Homophobia is almost ubiquitous among the players and using the word 'gay' as an insult is common and almost unremarked upon. While the word 'gay' is allowed to be typed, 'lesbian' is automatically censored by the game as being inappropriate language."

  • "Everyone playing a female character ('toon') is assumed to be a gay male or 'some ugly guy who weighs over 300 pounds.'"

  • "One out of six players one encounters is an actual real-life girl-type person. Yet I continually run into situations in which people will consistently refer to me by male pronouns even though I play a female character and correct them."

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