Won't somebody please, please think of the lobbyists? | Bleader

Won't somebody please, please think of the lobbyists?


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See-no-pervert Illinois Republican Congressman John Shimkus (head of the House Page Board) and Speaker Dennis Hastert might have to relinquish some power inside the Beltway. That dismays certain ethically challenged conservatives, who reserve their concern for the poor Speaker. (John Cole at Balloon Juice: "Maybe if Foley had been hitting on a fetus, these folks would get it.")

The prospect of a downgrade also dismays certain Illinois courtiers--er, lobbyists. Paul Merrion gathers up a good quote in Crain's Chicago Business, uttered by Caterpillar's William Lane:

"Who's the go-to person in the delegation if Hastert's and Shimkus's stars decline?"

Maybe they should have stuck to the old rules, where you cultivate both parties instead of plunking all your chips on just one.