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Things we don't really mean



  • "This is a green home." I don't think so, and neither does Russ Finley of Gristmill. Money quote, which along with the picture says it all, but there's more in the story: "When we decided to build a new house on our property in Woody Creek, a few miles but a world away from Aspen, we knew we were engaging in inherently antienvironmental behavior, so we decided to go as green as we could." Used to be called greenwashing.

  • "Your Boyfriend Is a Good Kisser." The Washington Post tells all about teens' sleazoid T-shirt sayings, but buries the lead: "The T-shirts highlight a paradox about this generation: Even as more teenagers absorb ubiquitous sexual messages, federal data show that they report having less sex than their predecessors."  Used to be called sublimation.

  • "I was there." One of several priceless student excuses from the consistently depressing and compulsively readable Rate Your Students: "Student told me that he missed class because he was sitting in an empty classroom for an entire week (he told me he thought it odd that there were no other students present) and finally went to the department office and found out we had moved across the hall." Used to be called you flunk, moron.