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The liberal bubble


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  • Ian Bassin explains a lot: "I grew up in New York City, attended a liberal high school, and then moved on to a liberal [change of meaning] arts college in New England. . . . For the many liberals who grew up in such circumstances, it was easy to maintain the hold on our beliefs without ever having to explore them, explain them or defend them. . . . Compare this with what a conservative at many of today's left-leaning law schools must experience. In most of her classes, the only conservative voice she hears is her own. . . . Confronted with a chorus of opposing arguments, her education is an intellectual boot camp. . . . While the conservative emerges muscular and defined, the liberal is paunchy and a bit slow." Note 1: probably not true at the University of Chicago. Note 2: John Kerry, call your office. Read more about Bassin's proposal at Harvard Law & Policy Review.