I am not ashamed that I like the Horrors. | Bleader

I am not ashamed that I like the Horrors.


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I am tempted to make jokes about the lead goth dude from the Horrors getting jumped mid-song at one of their CMJ appearances this week. If I was going to make a joke, I'd probably compare it to the time that Mortiis was in Chicago and decided to walk from his hotel to the venue he was performing at in costume and ended up getting his ass kicked along the way, because both of those guys should know that you can't just walk around America in costume like that without getting stomped. It's like the law. But I actually completely love the Horrors, so there will be no funny zaps at the Horrors dude.

It was hard for me to come to terms with liking them. I generally think that any band that gets that much booty from the NME and indie rock bloggers deserves to have bad stuff happen to it, just for making me so annoyed at the hype. But I'm starting to get concerned about the bad karma that I'm earning from thinking stuff like that, so I'm working on a new tactic where I completely stop caring about what the hype machine says, and I feel so free. By completely denying it any control over my feelings I sleep better at night, my hair looks cooler, and I can better honor the pledge that I once made to myself to always completely love any band that kicks the hell out of the Syndicats' "Crawdaddy Simone," or who dresses as elaborately stupid as the Horrors do. You just can't beat them. Unless you literally do beat them.

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