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Feeling the Rapture


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I wasn't planning on going to the Rapture show at Metro last night, but a friend called to tell me he was coming in to town for it, and I'm glad he did. My relationship with the Rapture's music is weird. I've always liked them, even when every bad hipster DJ in town was doing train-wreck blends from "Beat It" to "House of Jealous Lovers" every hour on the dot -- a period of time that lasted about three years too long -- but I've only listened to Echoes all the way through maybe two or three times. I guess they could be my favorite singles band, but I've never really thought much about the matter, and I don't think I'm going to start. My reaction to hearing the Rapture generally occurs in the feet and ass areas, and not the head, and I like that.

Last night I caught all of my jams from Echoes, although I missed "House of Jealous Lovers" when I went down to Smart Bar to get a break from the Metro's "no smoking" and "you have to pay five bucks to get a can of MGD" rules. They also played a bunch of their new record, Pieces of the People We Love, and even though I haven't really done much serious listening to it, the songs still got a reaction out of me. Sometimes that reaction was something like, "It's kind of weird how much that sorority-looking chick is into the new Rapture record," but a couple of times it was just the feet and the ass doing that thing.

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