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Tom DeLay's "moral clarity"


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Resignation and disgrace aren't keeping former House Republican leader Tom DeLay (you know, the guy Dennis Hastert was the sidekick of) off the lecture circuit.

Newsday reports that last Wednesday he spoke to an audience of 200 at Long Island's Nassau Community College about the "moral clarity that needs to be expressed to give the American people some foundation as to why we're doing what we're doing and what principles we should be using to make the decisions in dealing with the war on terror."

DeLay went onto clarify his own morals: "I don't think waterboarding is torture. My definition of torture is you physically harm someone by cutting them, by cutting their fingers, sticking things in their eyes, sticking their fingers in electric sockets. Waterboarding is a frightening experience. But the person does not have physical damage."

Yep. That's definitely what Jesus would have said. 

(Hat tip to Shakespeare's Sister.)


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