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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


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When Bush the First nominated Robert Gates to head the CIA in 1991, several agency analysts broke their silence to object. Over at TPM Cafe, Larry Johnson rescues a New York Times story (paid access) from the memory hole:

"The most dramatic testimony came from Melvin A. Goodman, a former division chief in Soviet affairs. He accused Mr. Gates of imposing his political judgments on intelligence analyses without any evidence to back his views, of suppressing his analysts' conclusions, of corrupting the agency's stringent analytical process and of misusing personnel -- 'judge shopping the courthouse,' Mr. Goodman called it -- until the desired analysis was produced."

Sound familiar? More, if you need it, from Brendan Nyhan.

As for his predecessor, Mark Rhoads at Illinois Review offers some praise and reminiscence that's pretty much unencumbered by the thought process: Rumsfeld apparently was ousted because of petty careerists in the Pentagon who were averse to taking risks!

Back in the reality-based community, lawyers from the Center for Constitutional Rights "intend to file war crimes charges against Rumsfeld next week in Germany, arguing that his departure from the Department of Defense means that he's no longer entitled to immunity from prosecution." His alleged crime: adopting "the practices of torture and indefinite detention," according to Tim Grieve in Salon's War Room (ad viewing required). He should receive the scrupulously fair trial and enjoy the presumption of innocence he denied others.