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Nerdcore for Life


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A contributor over at Metafilter directs our attention to the trailer and Web site for a documentary called Nerdcore for Life! If you didn't know already, nerdcore is rap music by and for self-proclaimed geeks—MCs take their aliases from computer programming languages and rap about stuff like Hobbits and even impersonate famous scientists.

There have been goofy white dudes rapping about goofy stuff since the beginning of novelty rap, but these kids take it at least sort of seriously. They make a lot of jokes about being dorks, but when they get those jokes tattooed on their bodies, you know they mean it. There's a part in the Nerdcore for Life! trailer where one guy's talking about how what they're rapping about is like what gangsta rappers are doing, and for a brief second you might find yourself actually believing him. Then the other guy compares it to the civil rights movement, which does a nice job of shattering that illusion. I think commentor Dreamsign put it best when he says of the dude, "Ugh. Moronic is the new geek. Way to represent. You 3d6 suck." 

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