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Gerald Ford obits I can stand to read


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It's easy to make the late President Gerald Ford look good compared to those who held office before and after him.  But if we don't grade on the curve ...

At the Stranger's Slog Paul Constant says what needs to be said, blaming Rumsfeld and Cheney on the Unelected One (pictured), though commenters beg to differ.

Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque recalls his ugly role in the East Timor invasion.

On the plus side, Pam Spaulding at Pandagon credits him for opposing antigay bigotry. Let me know if you see any MSM obituary that does so -- or contrasts him as forcefully with the Reagan thuggery as does Juan Cole (in the next-to-last paragraph of a very long post; see also the vigorous comments).

On a lighter note, Beachwood Reporter collects one-liners on Gerald Ford and James Brown, not exactly to Ford's credit. And Jesse Walker at Reason's Hit & Run recalls that Brown actually commented on Ford, more kindly than anyone else I'm willing to link to.

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