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It's not warming! It is warming!


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Global-warming denialism, June 11, 2005: "Professor Fred Singer, president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project based in Arlington, Virginia ... told the BBC News there was no firm evidence of global warming. He claimed the data was contradictory and there was no consensus within the scientific community. He said: 'There is simply no consensus. That's a myth. Even if there were a warming, it's a question of how much. Obviously, the greenhouse effect is real; the problem is the data do not show a significant warming since 1940.'" (BBC News found at the SEPP Web site.)

Global-warming denialism, October 2006: "The Earth’s recent warming trend isn’t a product of human activity, but rather caused by a solar-linked cycle that creates harmless, naturally warmer temperatures approximately every 1,500 years, write Dennis Avery and Fred Singer in their controversial new book Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years." (Press release at Avery's Hudson Institute.)

I look forward to reading the book and finding what striking new research finding led to this dramatic turnaround.

More 2006 climate highlights and lowlights at Realclimate.

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