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Joe Moore critic drafted by the campaign


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Over the last few years Rogers Park blogger Craig Gernhardt has been one of 49th Ward alderman Joe Moore's most persistent critics. So imagine his surprise when he received one of Moore's most recent campaign mailings and saw -- a picture of himself. "This gives the impression that I support Moore," says Gernhardt. "And I don't."

In the photo, Gernhardt is standing with a group of students who participated in a cleanup of Morse Avenue (picking up trash and raking away debris). Ironically, one of Gernhardt's biggest gripes with Moore is that he and the city do such a lousy job of keeping Morse tidy. In fact, Gerhnhardt says, the cleanup was  sponsored by state rep Harry Osterman, not Moore. Now Gernhardt, Toni Duncan, and others are blasting Moore for trying to take credit for it.

For his part, Moore says he never intended to imply that he sponsored the cleanup or that Gernhardt endorsed him. He says the designer who put together the mailing happened to pick the photo from a stack of pictures taken in the ward. "Nobody knows who Craig Gernhardt is other than a few folks," says Moore. "People who didn't know the ins and outs of the ward wouldn't even recognize him. I find it amazing that he has such a big ego he would think that people would make a big deal out of this."

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