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The glory of the campaign trail


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Forty-ninth Ward alderman Joe Moore shook hands for several hours Saturday with people entering and leaving the Dominick's on Howard and Clark streets. Lots of people offered support or promised to vote for him, and lots of others quietly accepted campaign literature from Moore and two volunteers. Not surprisingly, though, a few others voiced support for one of his opponents (Chris Adams, Jim Ginderske, and Don Gordon). And a few others decided it was as good a time as any to offer Moore a little feedback.

Around noon a man wearing a stocking cap and thick plastic-rimmed glasses loped past the entrance where Moore was standing. Campaign volunteer Alvin Young approached him.

"Vote for Joe Moore for alderman!" Young said cheerfully.

The man glared at Young. "Not in a million years!" he shouted. He took a couple of steps and then looked back at Moore. "You fucked up this neighborhood!"

Moore shrugged. "Another happy customer," he said, and then turned to another man on his way into the store. "Hi, I'm Joe Moore. Good to see you."


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