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The other contrarian food book du jour


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In more book news, here's the Salon take on the other shit-stirring food book du jour, Barry Glassner's The Gospel of Food. Unfortunately I don't have much to add because . . . well, I'm embarassed to say it's been sitting on my kitchen table under stacks of unread New Yorkers and the cable bill for several weeks. But since three people, including my mom, have sent me the link, I've moved it to the top of the pile. I'm intrigued by his apparent focus on class--his point about fast food restaurants being a boon to poor Americans, who are ensured a (reasonably) controlled product in sanitary surroundings, speaks to my still-not-totally articulated questions re: The Omnivore's Dilemma, whose weak point IMHO was Pollan's fancy footwork around the question of how a local agrarian food system could work in an irreversibly urbanized country.

So, yeah. I'm gonna get on this. Right after I finish this damn Peter Singer book.

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