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Work with Daley, end corruption


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Brendan Reilly, one of the challengers to 42nd Ward alderman Burton Natarus, just released a television ad where a narrator asks, "What's up with the City Council?" before slamming incumbent aldermen for, among other things, spending "tax dollars to block corruption investigations" -- a reference, I believe, to the Daley administration's legal fight (with the council's consent) against a court-appointed hiring monitor and the Shakman decree itself, which is supposed to ban political hiring and firing.

When the ad gets to making promises, though, it presents its "bold new" candidate as a Daley ally: "Brendan Reilly will fight for a cap on property taxes, end the corruption tax, and work with Mayor Daley to make downtown a great place to live."

While it's a fact that the council has signed off on the Daley administration's choices -- sometimes through voting, sometimes through inaction or blissful ignorance -- it's also a fact that these decisions are made at the top. By touting Daley's name even as he condemns corruption that occurred on the mayor's watch, Reilly's already acting like a sitting alderman.


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