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Hey, can I have your assigned seat?


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"Talk to any woman who travels alone a lot, she probably has enough stories for a book or two!" says Ann Bartow at Feminist Law Professors, revealing one more annoying aspect of life that's been invisible to me in decades of life as a white guy. "Yesterday I got on a plane for the short trip (45 minutes or less) from Columbia, SC, to Atlanta, and found a man sitting in my assigned aisle seat. When he saw me stop at that row he leapt to his feet and gallantly gestured toward the interior seat. 'I think I have the aisle,' I said. 'Wouldn’t you prefer the window?' he asked. I shook my head and he finally moved in. A few minutes later the man sitting behind us pulled the same move, this time successfully, on a young boy."

On the connecting flight she was in her assigned aisle seat early. "Suddenly, I felt a hand apply a friendly grasp to my upper arm. A male face leaned over and the man wearing it said with calm authority, 'You need to move in.'" Read the whole thing.

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