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When life gives you laws, make sausage


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As Liz suggested, the most entertaining aspect of Chicago's Battle Foie Gras is the naked display of agenda among the politicians, activists, chefs, and publicists in the trenches. It's a grand drama in which even the most beloved players aren't above suspicion of crass opportunism or "sketchy ass"-ness.

Enter, stage northwest, Fred Markoff, owner of the Glenview specialty sausage stand with a familiarly punning eponymous name, fRedhots and Fries. Yesterday, four days after Hot Doug's was busted, the restaurant's publicist fired off a press release introducing a "Legal in the Suburbs Duck and Foie Gras Sausage ($8.50 including tax)" With duck liver sausage off the menu at Hot Doug's, and Doug himself on vacation until March 5, how will he survive the mass exodus of fickle customers to the suburbs?

Tune in tomorrow . . .

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