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Going postal


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The 49th Ward race has largely focused on standard neighborhood issues like crime, housing, and business development. But in the last few days challenger Chris Adams has returned to his original campaign strategy of blasting away at alderman Joe Moore’s foie gras and big-box minimum-wage legislation.

An Adams mailing that landed in mailboxes this week features a grainy, black-and-white photo of Moore in which he looks like a thick-necked mob boss about to order a hit. “Why settle for an Alderman who serves himself—instead of you?” the mailer asks. It goes on to say that Moore “sponsors silly legislation—like the city’s ban on foie gras—and harmful legislation that would drive jobs out of Chicago.”

Of course, the gangster mug shot is most useful for ripping Moore's allegedly soft record on fighting crime, which remains a key issue for Adams and fellow challengers Jim Ginderske and Don Gordon. In a series of recent automated phone calls, Adams alerts ward residents that two shootings recently occurred in Rogers Park in the middle of the day. “Vote for safety—vote for me,” Adams says.

Meanwhile, a recent Moore mailing recalls Ronald Reagan’s 1984 “Morning in America” reelection theme: “It’s Winter in the Midwest . . . But It Seems Like Springtime in the 49th Ward.” It includes a photo of a much more pleasant-looking Moore standing next to his biggest-name supporter, Senator Barack Obama.

That mailing hit 49th Ward homes the same day they received one from the "Rich Daley" campaign showing Obama with the mayor, Moore’s antagonist on the foie gras and big-box minimum-wage ordinances.


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