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Studs is such a stud


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Legendary Chicago journalist/oral historian/man about town Studs Terkel is appearing at local lit mag Stop Smiling's headquarters on Wednesday for a conversation with his longtime editor and publisher, Andre Schiffrin. It's at 7 PM at 1371 N. Milwaukee; RSVP to

You're probably at least familiar with Division Street: America or Working, perhaps his two most famous oral histories, but if you need a refresher or just something to listen to at work, he's left a rich history of content on the Web: has recordings from several of his oral histories as well as numerous episodes of The Studs Terkel Program, which ran for 45 years on the now all-classical WFMT. His conversation with Mike Royko following the publication of Boss is a great meeting of local giants; his program on Nelson Algren is like a rugged proto-This American Life. This would be the greatest website in all Chicago if it weren't for the terrible, terrible decision to break up the radio shows into 15 minute segments, and in the pernicious RealAudio format at that.

The New York Times has a fine author page on Terkel (login required), but they bury the lede--scroll down to get to Studs's own writing and words, such as his requiem for the Chicago school of television (no, really, there was such a thing).

The Web site of Rich Samuels, a comprehensive archive of information about Chicago radio and television, has a bit on the short-lived TV show Studs' Place, including a streaming video.

Google Video has a long interview with Terkel from the Archive of American Television, which begins with him explaining why he's called "Studs."

NPR has interviews with Louis Armstrong, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan from Terkel's music show, The Wax Museum.

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