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Around the web: surly bonds of earth edition


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* Nice pics of the Airbus A380, which was all the rage yesterday at O'Hare (h/t Coudal)

* How big is it? Heftier than a T-Rex on steroids (Tribune), a sperm whale with wings (LA Times) that makes even an SUV on the tarmac look like an ant (Channel 2) and aviation enthusiasts like Chicagoist giddy with jet-fueled joy.

* Less giddy: Airbus and current/former Airbus employees.

* Suggestions for A380 nicknames, should the big plane go the way of the Spruce Goose: Airbust, the White Whale, the Alabaster Albatross. The break-even date is estimated to occur around 2025.

* The "proud father of a fallen soldier" gets no response from a letter he sends to the president, so he sends it to Eric Zorn.

* John Kass tries to figure out how Patrick Fitzgerald, scourge of Scooter Libby and corrupt Illinois politicians, could be in the ranks of federal prosecutors who "had not distinguished themselves," suggests possible link between Karl Rove and Big Bob Kjellander.

* WBEZ's Catrin Einhorn has a compelling report on Mary Smith, who allegedly started the deadly Wrigleyville fire; Illinois received an F last year for its mental health treatment from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

* The Trib's Washington blog nails University of Chicago-educated White House spokesman Tony Snow.

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