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Brain Twistas



Just when you thought Mims and New York City had circular logic on lock, Twista, R. Kelly, and the Speedknot Mobstaz come out with a take on "This is Why I'm Hot" that actually makes Mims's original comprehensible. Yes, "I'm hot cuz I'm fly / You ain't cuz you not" is sort of confusing if you think too hard about it, but Twista's boast, "I'm cold cuz I'm hot," has it beat hands down in sheer huh?-ability. America's poet laureate of lyrical nonsense, R. Kelly, uses his cameo to lay out a number of reasons "why [he's] Kels," none of which have anything to do with the fact that he was born with the name Robert Kelly. In the event of a robot attack, the lyrics to "This is Why I'm Cold" could stand in for "This statement is false" as a logical paradox capable of blowing up a robot's brain. I suggest keeping a copy of them in your wallet.