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The Nest Issue: Date w/ Ikea


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My family goes three generations back in the troubled southern furniture industry, so I feel a certain amount of guilt over my dependence on disposable Swedish furniture. I keep telling myself that when I no longer have to face the prospect of having to move every year and/or when I sell out, I'll remain true to my roots and surround myself with oak and mahogany. Until then, I lead the peripatetic life of a 20-something and make occasional trips to Schaumburg.

Which is not to knock Ikea. I appreciate how they softened the modern aesthetic, and, more importantly, make it possible to put a room's worth of furniture in a Jetta. But Ikea furniture does tend to run together after awhile. If you find yourself looking at your room full of budget Euro furniture and feeling empty inside, you might want to spend some time at ikea hacker, a fantastic blog full of clever, often elegant takeoffs on postgraduate moderne. My favorite: the masterful drawer-computer tower hack.

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