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Church of the Good Hustle


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The Trib's Steve Chapman watches Harvard Law-educated Alberto Gonzales fail to find his ass with both hands at a Senate hearing, and concludes he's smart enough to be on the Texas Supreme Court but just not bright enough to be attorney general of the United States.

Must be a hell of a learning curve.

Or there might be a practical explanation. Quoth Dahlia Lithwick: "In the plainest sense, Gonzales elevated the Bush legal doctrine of 'Because I said so' into a public spectacle."

If you're good at poker or billiards, or you live in Nigeria and have a large fortune in a bank that you cannot access without financial assistance, I recommend contacting Mr. Chapman.

Right under Chapman's column on the homepage this morning, in a bit of layout kismet, was a piece by Tribune Media Services columnist Jonah Goldberg, who suggests that Americans don't have the knowledge to evaluate Gonzales, for reasons that he unfortunately doesn't get into.