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The Nest Issue: Resources



* Apartment Therapy Chicago: Great apartment profiles for inspiration, eBay and Craigslist finds, and they make good use of the online craft expo Etsy.

* Speaking of Etsy, it's a good stop for a variety of knicknacks, like a hard drive desk clock or a creepy manequin head lamp. Also: cheap art.

* MAKE blog: Tends to be for the hardcore geek, but even if electronics isn't your thing it can be of use. Check out their paper crafts and arts categories for neat stuff like homemade cardboard furniture and business cards that grow alfalfa.

* House in Progress: Kind of like Extreme Home Makeover, except a blog, and not as much "extreme" as "this is actually what renovating a house is like."

* Greenmaker: A local green housing supply store.

* Design Boner: Accessories, normal-person design from a local blogger.