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Milk it, MiLkBabY!


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Local trio MiLkBabY have just put out the fifth release of their ten-year career: BottLe, on Uvulittle. I'm enjoying this record a lot—a soundtrack for a scattered afternoon, chill-out music for people who wouldn't know "chilling out" if you shoved them in a meat locker. Part trance, part trip-hop, part sheer fingerpainting solipsism, its swirls and chants and burbles tease the pattern-making part of the brain. Find the logic—it's got to be in there somewhere. In the meantime, if you just can't focus, they'll make you feel good about not having to. The record-release party for BottLe is this Saturday, May 19th, at Prop Thtr at 9:30 (w/Stephanie Rearick). $7, all ages.

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