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Sex rock meets business casual


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Local retro-ish rockers Bang! Bang! aren't so much concerned with discovering new sounds as they are with kicking around a bunch of proven punk ideas. But singer/guitarist Jack Flash is breaking out some next-level sartorial/merchandising schemes with the introduction of his Bang! Bang!-branded lightning bolt-shaped neckties. The press release that popped up in my inbox today lays out the unconventional neckwear's evolution:

"Originally Jack cut his ties from pre-existing thrift store ties. This new line of ties, however, are professionally made from a pattern cut to Jacks' specifications. 'I was laughed at when I first came up with the idea....and I never thought I'd actually find a way to produce these,' admits Jack, 'but the reaction has been awesome so far, people freak when they see one has seen anything like them before. And I figure, hey, if Hip Hop performers can have their own clothing line, why can't I?'"

Actually, I don't know how many rappers have fucked with neckties. I have a vague memory of Fonzworth Bentley doing it, but that could have been just a beautiful dream.