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Lampo seeking new digs...and cash


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Lampo, the quirky Chicago experimental-music presenter, celebrated its 100th concert last month with a performance by British turntable artist Philip Jeck at the raw Chicago Avenue space 6Odum. Lampo's been producing concerts at 6Odum since 1999, but Jeck's was the last; Lampo organizer Andrew Fenchel promises a new venue when shows resume in the fall. A fund-raising call recently went out asking for help with the costs of relocating, which includes buying a new sound system and building out the space. In a charming display of modesty, the suggested donation is just $9.99, although Lampo will happily accept more. Fenchel writes, “We don't have a space finalized, but I'm confident we will soon. We have a few good options that we're weighing. At one point late this spring I thought we were very close to a space, but it didn't pan out. The main challenge, of course, is money.” He notes that some past performers have already contributed, including Keith Rowe, Jerome Noetinger, Peter Rehberg, Lasse Marhaug, and Joachim Nordwall.

Lampo has been an invaluable presence in the city, bringing in musicians for exclusive performances—often to debut original works. The music is on the fringe, but the artists presented are some of the most original and important experimentalists in the world. If you’re interested in giving you can lay down your cash here.