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Make Believe loses a Kinsella


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Next-level post-post-hardcore outfit Make Believe—or, as I like to call them, the Best Punk Band in the World—has traveled a pretty bumpy road these past four years. Drummer Nate Kinsella had some trouble with the law after removing his sweaty underpants and wringing them out on the all-ages audience at a Christian punk venue in Oklahoma, forcing the band to juggle tour dates and court dates. And of course they released a pair of stunningly brilliant albums a couple decades before the listening public was ready to give them the rapturous reception they deserved.

Now front man Tim Kinsella—who assembled the band as a touring version of his Joan of Arc project—has decided to quit so he can spend more time working on art projects and enjoying married life. “I really like my wife a lot,” he wrote on the Joan of Arc Web site. “And puttering about the house making weird stuff all day means everything to me. And I feel a strong sense of community at home that means a lot to me and though I know I have been very lucky to have had the opportunities to travel, I really enjoy leaving Chicago less and less all the time.”

The band’s last show with Tim will be this Sunday at Metro, opening for Tortoise. He plans to continue making music under the Joan of Arc name. The other members of Make Believe plan to replace him with another singer and continue writing material for a follow-up to last year’s Of Course. No disrespect to whoever ends up filling Tim’s shoes, but this final blast of original flavor Make Believe is highly, highly recommended.