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How can you tell?



“I didn’t hear anymore,” Calabrese said, still looking more like an average senior citizen than a hit man. He spoke calmly, almost in a monotone at times, and occasionally crossed a leg on the witness stand.” --page one, Chicago Tribune, July 19.

When I was young, my peers tried to teach me how to spot a girl who’d Done It. It had to do with how they walked. Boasters say they can spot a hit man from a block away, but I’m not so sure. A hit man you could spot a block away wouldn’t be much of a hit man. A good hit man is more apt to look a lot like your average senior citizen, especially if he is a senior citizen. So how to tell? 

The Tribune says Calabrese occasionally crossed his leg. If reporter Jeff Coen mentioned that, it must be a significant detail. But what does it signify? Does a senior hit man have more bladder issues than your average senior citizen?

Remember that guy at the counter of the diner in the last scene of  The Sopranos--you know, the one who may or may not have been a hit man? He left the counter and went into the can. Was that our cue that this guy was a hit man? Was that call to nature something everybody picked up on but me? I could never tell about the girls either, no matter how hard I watched them walk.

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