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Spotted: Cinners Cincinnati Chili Restaurant and Bar


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In Ravenswood, at 4757 N. Talman, just south of Hella's Bakery on Lawrence, the window of the former Ares Cafe bears a hand-markered sign announcing "Coming Soon Cinners Cincinatti Cincinnati Chili Restaurant and Bar. . . Featuring 3-Ways." That refers to thin, cinnamony, chocolatey Cincinnati-style chili--served over spaghetti and topped with shredded cheddar. At first glance this mini-Greektown might seem a weird place for chilighetti, which is also commonly served "four-way," with chopped onions, and "five-way," with kidney beans. But in fact it was invented by Macedonian immigrant Tom Kiradjieff in 1922, according to these accounts.

In any event, I'm not holding my breath. There's a big fat hunter's orange Department of Buildings stop work order on the papered front door, citing "no plumber, no plans, no permit." It's dated June 28.

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