A different kind of nightclub tragedy | Bleader

A different kind of nightclub tragedy


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Like anyone, I'm bummed at Lee Hazlewood's passing over the weekend. But he lived a long life and kept the "kickass" dial dimed for several decades of extreme badness, so I'm not too torn up over his checking out. More tragically, Discobelle reports that Swedish producer/DJ Jesper from the group Krazy Fiesta also died on Saturday. Jesper was a young dude, at the beginning of a career in dance music. Given the number of people who've invaded the booth when I've dropped the Krazy Fiesta remix of Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" in my DJ sets—and the number of other DJs included in that group—it looked to be a promising one. For a second I was thinking I should make sure to blast some Krazy Fiesta in my sets for a while in tribute, but then I realized I probably would've done that anyway.