Dog Day Disapparation | Bleader

Dog Day Disapparation


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When the thundering drone of the chopper parked over my "West Andersonville" apartment finally dragged me out of dreamland yesterday, I pondered what might be the occasion. No, not the annual air show psyche-out. Wasn't that last week or something? Hmmmm. I flipped on the TV, and there was my explanation: a bank robbery just up the street in Rogers Park!

Having cordoned off the intersection of Clark and Morse, where the First Commercial Bank sits, police and the FBI had secured the release of some hostages--all of whom were searched and questioned in case of Quick Change-style trickery--and were waiting the holed-up armed robber out.

They waited a long time. Turns out the hostages weren't, and the robber had already, somehow, made his escape. Though to be fair, when a whole chunk of a neighborhood gets shut down LA-freeway style, you might argue a lot of someones did get held hostage--just not inside the bank.