Around the web: homeless gay teens, the death of the party cab, disappearing bees, and more



* David Brearley has a moving account of being 15, gay, and on his own in Chicago.

* Beachwood has a roundup of Sunday's chaotic, tragic marathon.

* Bank of America says it'll keep sponsoring it, and they've started talking about maintaining LaSalle's philanthropic legacy. 

* How the weird heat affects local gardening

* Beachwood also has some salient words of wisdom, inspired by the banning of hugs at an Oak Park (natch) middle school: "It's a never-ending battle against the soulless killjoys of the world. It's a battle each generation must fight. It's a battle in which we must never retreat, never surrender to the forces of total lameness."

* Speaking of which: John Rees's party cab is a safety hazard, according to the city, and the party's over.

* The U. of I. is going all Web 2.0 to track feral bees, in part to figure out what the hell is happening to bees around the country. David Byrne thinks agribusinesses are killing them off. I think they're in a dome in Texas.

* South American gangs are apparently targeting local jewelry salespeople

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