Around the Web: counterfeit bills, counterfeit bars, and the world's first cell phone



* Arthur Williams, a Bridgeport native and one of the country's great counterfeiters, is headed back to prison.

* School-prayer activists and the Constitution reached a compromise in Illinois, mandating a moment of silence every day in school. I'm not sure what Manya Brachear is saying here, but it sounds creepy:

"While perhaps no personality can disturb us during our quiet time, critics suggest that spirituality can. And to mandate a minute where that could potentially happen, they say, is itself disturbing."


* England seems to be under the mistaken impression that Chicago has some kind of rich rock heritage, resulting in a chain of gimmicky Rush-Street-type bars throughout the country. At least I know the next time I'm in Canterbury or Yeovil and I want to be irritated by a bar crowd, I know where to go. "Jeans are allowed as long as they are smart."

* The Sun-Times's Daily Rant from Thursday is heroic. "I thought there was an ordinance against this foolishness. These drivers are a hazard to traffic and tend to be driving too fast because they are pumped up by this noise."

* The More You Know: The cell phone is a Chicago (-area) invention. Ladies and gentlemen, the hideous Motorola DynaTec:  

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