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Mannequin Men get ripped off


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Local princes of rock music the Mannequin Men should still be riding high on their successful showing at the CMJ festival, but alas that's not the case. Last night most of their gear was stolen from their van while it was parked in Logan Square. Here's the list:

-Gibson SG Special, faded brown color, two open coil Seymour Duncan pick-ups, sticker of Wimpy from Popeye on back

-Epiphone Les Paul Jr., single P-90 pickup, faded yellow, busted input jack sticker of Olive Oyl and Popeye

-Fender DeVille 4X10 combo amp with grey grillcloth 10db input is busted.

-Ampeg combo bass amp

-cymbal bag (with one Zildjian crash and Paiste hi-hats) and hardware bag 

Anyone spotting the gear in the wild is encouraged to hit the band up on MySpace.

Seems to be a trend this week.